Once upon a time, my Dad drove by a field with a bunch of strange looking animals standing on little hills. Thus, our family’s dream of owning an alpaca ranch was born. Now the land is bought and the lean-to’s are built, but we are just embarking on our grand fiber adventure. The first of our ‘pacas came home in September of 2010.

Alpaca herd meets horses

The horses and the herd meet for the first time. Mutual disapproval abounds.

Cliff House Alpacas is located outside of Castle Rock, Colorado. In addition to two horses, who don’t quite approve of their funny-looking neighbors, we have ten alpacas in our little herd.  Mom and Dad run the ranch, with all the cleaning, emergency medical care, and general loving on the animals that requires. My brother builds fences, does heavy lifting, and recreational tractor driving on his weekends home from college. I spin, felt, knit and crochet, and when I can’t coerce Mom and Dad into it, skirt, pick and sort fleeces as well.

Boogie and Heidi, standing around being dramatic.

Together, the four of us (and the ten ‘pacas, and two horses, and three dogs, and the red-tailed hawks nesting in the pines, and the barn swallows, and the kingbirds, and the toads living in the arena sand) are Cliff House Alpacas, a home-grown, family-run business just starting out. The fiber world is not always the most internet-savvy, so the goal of this blog is simply to share what we learn (or wish we had learned earlier) with anyone who is interested.

11 Responses to About

  1. Mark hefta says:

    Hey Jan.

    I hope your Holidays were good. I sold some fiber to a friend. She might need help making a hat or scarf. I have Barb Dedecker booked up making gloves. Would you be able to help he. I think she needs it by Feb 1 or so.


  2. Dallas Hall says:

    Look forward to seeing you at Sheridan Celebrates

  3. Loretta Chiofolo says:

    Hello! My daughter is loving her Alpaca beret and scarf! I sent a Birthday CArd to a friend last month and she is crazy excited about it. She would like to buy more for her own use. Can youtell me how I would get some from you? I live nearby in Roxborough Park.

    • Hi! I’m glad your daughter loves them; it’s always good to hear. I’ll email you at the address you provided when you commented with details on how you can get more cards. If there’s a better email address, or you don’t receive it, just comment again using that address. Only I can see the email addresses you use when you comment (just so you know that you’re not going to get a ton of spam email…I hate that!).

  4. Loretta Chiofolo says:

    I will watch for it, thank you!

  5. I just stumbled across your blog while looking for info on alpaca care. I wanted to thank the family for taking the time to tell your stories. It brought a much needed smile to my heart. 🙂

  6. Gene Balzer says:

    Thank you so much for the roving (at the senior center bazaar), it is spinning so easy. I can’t wait to finish and begin crocheting. I love seeing all the pictures and hearing your story. God bless.

    • Hi Gene! I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying the roving. I’ve gotten so spoiled; it does just spin up like a dream, doesn’t it? Thanks for stopping by the booth and supporting our family (and the alpacas 😉 !

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