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Black and White – Always Right

Momma here, wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Our Colorado New Year started out cold and snowy, but thankfully we missed the big snow storm currently covering most of the nation. Dad and I took some excellent photos of our … Continue reading

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Winter – It’s Getting Here

Ice in the alpacas’ stock tank made me realize I still hadn’t done all the work in preparing for winter. Dad here, with some more work around the ranch. If you remember, we gave the alpacas their own stock tank … Continue reading

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Make Hay while the Sun Shines!

As many of you know Cliff House Alpacas is in Castle Rock, Colorado. Unlike our neighbors to the north and east of us who have had no break in the rain until yesterday; we had a sunny morning on Saturday, … Continue reading

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Baby-What a Difference a Day Makes!

Dad and I woke up to a beautiful misty day at Cliff House. Below us the town of  Castle Rock was shrouded in a soft, silver, billowy mist. The torrential rain has stopped just south of Denver where we are, … Continue reading

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Baby – it’s wet outside!

Good morning everyone. The local weatherman tells us the rain storm we’ve been living with since Monday afternoon won’t be leaving us until next week. The alpacas aren’t happy with that news as you can see. Our hearts and good … Continue reading

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Ranch Dog Olive!

As I, Momma, sit at the kitchen table trying to come up with an idea for our blog post today, the sky has turned to grey and rain is falling on our 40 acres of land. Sunday had been a … Continue reading

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Special Report: Cat Nip Found in the Garden

Momma here this morning with a special report about our sweetie kitties big discovery this week-end. Dad, Jared and I began summing up spring cleaning for the garden on Sunday, and our kitties love to join us when we’re outside. … Continue reading

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Spring Storm

Happy Monday everybody, Dad here. If you’ve ever wondered what the Alpacas think of snow and wind, Saturday’s spring storm will give you an idea of what it’s like. Where the girls like to “kush” (a position where the alpaca … Continue reading

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Another snow day at the ranch!

Just in case you weren’t already confused by who is writing blog posts these days, today I, Kirstin, the daughter and main blog person, am posting using Dad’s account (which Mom usually posts under). “Why?” I can hear you asking. … Continue reading

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Taking down Christmas

I know we promised to talk about Donna’s Christmas scarf today, but it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. The National Western Stock Show has been a Denver tradition for 107 years, and our family has been either participating … Continue reading

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