Baby – it’s wet outside!

Good morning everyone. The local weatherman tells us the rain storm we’ve been living with since Monday afternoon won’t be leaving us until next week. The alpacas aren’t happy with that news as you can see.

Not Happy Not Happy

Our hearts and good energy go out to those folks up north who are having a rough time right now.  Cliff House Ranch sits on a cliff, and as we all know, water runs downhill; so we are not in trouble of flooding. Let’s pray for sunshine.

Wet Pacas Cliff House Lake

P.S.- I, Momma, want to thank Uncle Jerry, Aunt Geri, Laura, Roger, Kirstin, my mom, Bonnie,  Cindy, Jared and my husband, Gordon for their hard work in making our fundraiser a huge success. I am in awe of your giving spirits and your love for all things needing a helping hand.

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1 Response to Baby – it’s wet outside!

  1. Aunt Geri says:

    You are all so welcome for our assistance and we only wish we could have done more. Your efforts and gracious hospitality for us and everyone are awesome and greatly appreciated – your gifts of friendship and giving are just so cherished.

    The pacos are looking like some angry, wet noodles!

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