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Housekeeping (blogkeeping?) and tax assessor

I hate to disrupt your regularly scheduled alpaca antics, but I have a few housekeeping notes. I’m headed down to the ranch tomorrow and I’ll be there through January 2nd. During this time, posts may be somewhat erratic. It’s not … Continue reading

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Artist bio: Aunt Geri

My Aunt Geri is an artist, a real one. We are lucky that lately she has been channelling her creativity into fiber art, rather than painting. The results have been astounding. I’ve compared felting to painting, but my work is … Continue reading

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Bravado is not a good sharer

Little Bravado, our smallest alpaca and our only suri (it’s a breed of alpaca), is a man after my own heart. He’s a bit of a worry wart, always on the watch for trouble, and he is not good at … Continue reading

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Body butter recipe

Working outdoors in the winter, Colorado’s dry climate, and processing alpaca fiber all take a toll on my hands. Usually, by this time of year, my hands are so cracked they look like the floor of a dry lake bed. … Continue reading

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Predator and prey dynamics

The relationships between horses and their riders, as well as alpacas and their owners, are fraught with misunderstandings. Although the cowboy view of the horses tended to be a bit less introspective, the “schools of natural horsemanship” that have recently … Continue reading

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“Pink”, she said archly.

A woman in a floor-length black dress looked over her bare shoulder, giving a stranger a come-hither half-smile. He drifted towards where she stood, still and silent in a swirl of people. “Who are you?” he asked. “Pink,” she said archly. … Continue reading

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Alpaca bio: Merlin

Now, if you know our family even a little, you’re thinking “Of course they have an alpaca named Merlin. They’re practically witches/wizards themselves.” Funny thing is, Merlin (or Merly, as he is sometimes called) came to us with his name, … Continue reading

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An order, almost filled

A dear friend ordered a hat and scarf set months ago. She’s nearly single-handedly kept Cliff House afloat, so I wish we’d be able to fill it faster. The scarf’s already done, and this pic was taken last Thursday, so … Continue reading

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I officially have no life

For awhile now, I’ve been wondering how much yarn I’ve spun since I started. I’ve only been doing this for about a year, and I didn’t keep track of my work on the drop spindle, but I have detailed records about … Continue reading

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Filling a holiday order

I finally get to use this bright blue roving I bought awhile ago! It’s one of my favorite rovings to date, and it should look brilliant spun into Archie. I’m thinking “Ice, Ice Baby” as a name. I woke up in … Continue reading

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