Alpacas: the girls

1) From L to R, Tulip, Tuscany, Brittany, Mikayla, and Morocco.

Alpaca herd meets horses

The horses and the herd meet for the first time. Mutual disapproval abounds.

2) Brittany’s Bio

Being bottle fed makes Brittany super gregarious for an alpaca.

3) From L to RL Tuscany, Morocco, Mikayla and Tulip, summer 2010.

They love turn out.

4) Chow time! Run for it!

'paca stampede

5) Oh Mikayla. Why the drama girlfriend?

What are you looking at?

6) Aww Tulip. Are you protecting Brittany?

7) And the youngest lady, Marseille, born summer 2011.

One of the first things she did in turn out was crash headlong into a fence at full speed. She was fine, but I can picture the look on her face.

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