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Scythia’s Royal Web

We’ve got yarn! I named it Scythia’s Royal Web, largely due to the “sticky” nature of the fiber – attracting and clinging to every piece of cardboard, grass, and debris within reach.  Plus, it is what I imagine having white … Continue reading

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Another snow day at the ranch!

Just in case you weren’t already confused by who is writing blog posts these days, today I, Kirstin, the daughter and main blog person, am posting using Dad’s account (which Mom usually posts under). “Why?” I can hear you asking. … Continue reading

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More about Scythia and her buds

Alpaca fiber is still relatively scarce.  The Alpaca Registry (formed in 1984) was closed to new alpaca imports to the U.S. in 1998.  Registered alpacas in the U.S. today is merely 165,000.  The terms “luxury” and “alpacas” are becoming synonymous, … Continue reading

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Happy beginnings

Hi everyone, Kirstin here again. Long time no post! Remember the baby hat and booties I made a little bit ago? Well, it seems they are getting some use! Everyone, meet Clark Andrew, the newest member of our extended-extended family. I … Continue reading

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Baby, it’s cold outside

This is the story of how some of the hand knit items I shipped to Cliff House in the Ziploc air tight bags, Friday’s blog post, came to be. A couple of weeks ago, my husband (Uncle Jerry) got a … Continue reading

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Aunt Geri’s economy shipping method

In a galaxy far far away… Well, it feels like Aunt Geri lives in a galaxy far far away. Actually she lives in Jelm, Wyoming, which is far away from Castle Rock, Colorado where Cliff House Ranch is located. Cliff … Continue reading

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Follow this Alpaca: Scythia

We moved from Denver to Wyoming almost 3 years ago.  One day I called Gordon to see how their move to the ranch was going.  “We have alpacas…” he said, as my brain scanned for “alpaca” – was it a … Continue reading

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…and more lace weight yarn!

Surprise! I spun more lace weight yarn this weekend. I actually made 266 yards (3 ozs) of this stuff last weekend, but I liked it so much I spun another 180 yards (2 ozs) last night. This yarn is 100% … Continue reading

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Cliff House Alpaca’s Skirting Super Bowl

Last Sunday when everyone in the US was watching the Super Bowl, drinking beer and eating guacamole dip Gordon and I were in our barn participating in Cliff House’s skirting bowl. We had no beer and no guacamole dip. This … Continue reading

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Patty Who?

I can’t for the life of me remember why I named these scarves Patty…But they have always been a big hit for us. They are fun, and best of all-reversible! The pattern uses a double knit slipped stitch-known by the … Continue reading

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