Patty Who?

I can’t for the life of me remember why I named these scarves Patty…But they have always been a big hit for us.

Bronco colors-Patty scarf

They are fun, and best of all-reversible! The pattern uses a double knit slipped stitch-known by the French as “Brioche” knitting. These scarves became so popular that I wanted to make matching hats!

Bronco Patty Hats & Scarf

Research revealed that this stitch is impossible to do “in the round” (hats are done on circular needles), but I fooled them all and designed hats that are very similar.

The scarf posted here was made during the Bronco play off game-thankfully it turned out better than the game! How embarrassing was that?

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1 Response to Patty Who?

  1. cliffhousealpacas_dad says:

    Denver Broncos colors. The photos on the blog do not do these Patty scarves and hats justice. They are bold and bright. Thanks Aunt Geri!

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