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The long and short of it…….

On a visit to the mill, we discovered some cashmere roving, fiber that has been washed and put through the carding machine, which Cliff House purchased. Aunt Geri here, what went through our heads, Jani’s, (Momma) and mine was, when … Continue reading

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Marcello loses his Harem, but he gains his Man Card

After shearing, I become concerned with Tulip’s body score. Momma here, with all of Tulip’s blanket gone, it was very apparent she was under weight. It was time for Marcello to gain his “Man Card”. If Tulip had one less … Continue reading

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Strip Tease

Kirstin here! Any other crocheters notice that their stitch gauge is completely different from day to day? Even using the same hook, yarn, and pattern, I might end up with a piece that’s two inches longer than the one I … Continue reading

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Happy Colors

Aunt Geri here; a recent marketing journey by Jan (Momma) led to a purchase of some beautiful alpaca yarn blended with angora rabbit.  A local artist blends her hand-raised angora rabbit’s fiber with pure white alpaca. She then hand-dyes the … Continue reading

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Shearing Movies

As promised yesterday, we thought you might enjoy our amateur video attempt showing Scott shearing Morocco. He has our best fiber, and you should be able to see the nice staple length. Kirstin does the skirting afterward. The lady you … Continue reading

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After we Shear we Skirt

This shearing was Vannie’s first with our family at Cliff House, his behavior and his fleece were one of our best surprises of the day. When he arrived at our ranch he was wearing a modified lion’s cut, but at … Continue reading

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Shearing Day – May 15, 2013

Where were we on Wednesday? Our apologies, Wednesday was shearing day! There are 365 days in a year, but we will tell you quite honestly, that shearing day is the only day of the year when you raise alpacas. Momma … Continue reading

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The Things We Do

Dad here – Growing up in the city, one of the things I never thought I’d be doing is driving a tractor. With the wet weather we’ve been having, our road has turned into a washboard and pot hole filled … Continue reading

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The latest-Shape Shifter

Hi – Aunt Geri here.  The latest Shape Shifter is featured today.  This one is made of the same type of yarn as the original, but is a little larger in circumference, which makes it a bit shorter. I is … Continue reading

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Ranch Dog Olive!

As I, Momma, sit at the kitchen table trying to come up with an idea for our blog post today, the sky has turned to grey and rain is falling on our 40 acres of land. Sunday had been a … Continue reading

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