The Things We Do

Dad here – Growing up in the city, one of the things I never thought I’d be doing is driving a tractor. With the wet weather we’ve been having, our road has turned into a washboard and pot hole filled demolition derby drive. Time to grade the road!

Box Scraper Scraping

After attaching the three point hitch to the tractor, the box scraper is attached to the three point hitch. The scraper is lowered to the road and after three passes, the road is now smooth.

Wash Boards

Wash Boards

It’s best to do this after a rain. The rain softens the road and allows the box scraper to more easily dig in.

Road Grading Done

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2 Responses to The Things We Do

  1. Aunt Geri says:

    Good job!! We have had similar issues – only we can only use the snow blade on the Kubota and, of course, shovels and rakes.

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