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2014 Holiday Shows

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are quickly approaching! We started in May trying to decide which art and craft shows would work for us. From past experience, alpaca products, especially the hats, gloves, scarves sell better the colder … Continue reading

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“Big Wheel Keep on Turning”

Then sometimes the wheel just falls off. Dad here with today’s blog post. Our compost pile is quite a ways from the house and barn. This means we have to use a dump wagon to haul the “goods” to the … Continue reading

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Baby it’s cold outside

Yes, I know, we’ve all been talking about the cold. Dad here, and the cold affects more than just us. Not only does it take longer to do everything from cleaning, feeding and watering the Alpacas, but we also have … Continue reading

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The Things We Do

Dad here – Growing up in the city, one of the things I never thought I’d be doing is driving a tractor. With the wet weather we’ve been having, our road has turned into a washboard and pot hole filled … Continue reading

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A Walk In The Fog

Daddy and I, Momma, walked out to the newspaper box this morning, and we thought everyone might enjoy seeing what Cliff House Ranch and our babes look like on a foggy, wet, dreamy morning. Colorado doesn’t see these kind of … Continue reading

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Round Three or it seemed like a good idea

Jan’s on today, I’m talking about a scarf I have started three times and completed once. This yarn is mill spun, sport weight, 100% alpaca, and it first started out as a scarf with Pandora beads knit into it. I … Continue reading

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Why Yarn Blooms

Momma aka Jan here, I wanted to continue Aunt Geri’s blog post about spinning beads into yarn which she titled To Bead or not to Bead. The yarn Geri named Crystal Butte is from our own Marcello. The beaded yarn … Continue reading

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“Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe?”

About a month and a half ago Uncle Jerry called me and asked if I wanted to go on a trip with Aunt Geri, in celebration of her birthday, just she and I. He offered to set us up in … Continue reading

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Spring Storm

Happy Monday everybody, Dad here. If you’ve ever wondered what the Alpacas think of snow and wind, Saturday’s spring storm will give you an idea of what it’s like. Where the girls like to “kush” (a position where the alpaca … Continue reading

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Aunt Geri’s Techinicolor Shawl of Many Colors

Last Tuesday, February 26th was Aunt Geri’s birthday.  I(Mom) realized I had never hand knit her anything. Now there is a reason for this; I simply do not knit as well as she does. So…I said to myself, self, let’s … Continue reading

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