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ACES-Artists Celebrating the Equine Spirit-Highlights!

Our fundraiser for the Colorado Human Society & Cimarron Sky Dog Wild Horse Reserve was a celebration for all. I, Momma, want to share with you some of the special moments we experienced Saturday. Our very special thanks to each … Continue reading

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The great break IN

Breaking out, breaking in…it’s a po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to sort of thing to alpacas. As long as they are getting somewhere they are not supposed to be, they are happy. A few days ago, Mom found most of the girls in this … Continue reading

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Artist bio – Donna Ferris, photographer

Donna is another friend who has become a part of the family, mostly because we share so many of the same passions, but also for her vivacious personality (and because she can cook 🙂 ). I only wish I had … Continue reading

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That beautiful, terrible white stuff

The ranch got it’s first snow last week! The animals coped in different ways. The alpacas, who are cat-like in their dislike for being wet, hung out in the barn, miffed. The horses enjoyed a good roll in the mud. … Continue reading

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Emergency preparedness

Last week, I mentioned one of the wildfires burning in our area. There have been three already this season, though none of them were near enough to threaten us. Over Easter dinner, I talked with the family about the Ranch’s … Continue reading

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Heidi the attack horse

Sometimes wordpress loses all the text while posting…and I have to rewrite a post, and that makes me very angry…post is forthcoming, again. Mom was tidying up the horse paddock after bringing Heidi and Boogie in from turnout when Whisper … Continue reading

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Incident report from security team at Cliff House Ranch – alpaca division

Special guest post from the security team. Transmission follows… Mom and Dad report: at approximately 6 am, Tuesday March 6th, 2012 the naughty Cliff House Alpacas broke out of their paddock. At 7:15 am Dad spied the whole girls’ herd looking at … Continue reading

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Ruminating on poo

I’ve decided not to include any pictures, because I’m classy, but I’m warning you now: this is a post about poo. When you spend so much time shuffling it from place to place, you tend to become an expert. And … Continue reading

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Whisper gets into everything

The ironically named Whisper is apparently quite the explorer. He’s gotten into nearly everything there is to get into, and even been chased by Heidi. His friend Squeaky, the last of the rescue kitties, may be bigger but Whisper’s got … Continue reading

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When stars align

Doh! I forgot my camera this morning, and I had pictures of my cabling project. Oh well. Happy Ground Hog’s Day! It’s six more weeks of winter for us. I was looking up the lunar phases, because I cycle through … Continue reading

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