ACES-Artists Celebrating the Equine Spirit-Highlights!

Our fundraiser for the Colorado Human Society & Cimarron Sky Dog Wild Horse Reserve was a celebration for all. I, Momma, want to share with you some of the special moments we experienced Saturday. Our very special thanks to each one of you who took the time to stop by Cliff House Ranch and share yourselves with us.  Our visitors were very generous to our charities; I am always in awe of the human spirit.


Our ACES banner greeted our guests to Cliff House Ranch


Our set-up for Cliff House Alpacas-Fiber Artists


Daphne & Apollo warm up for their performance with Cindy; our Master of Horse


Cindy asking Daphne & Apollo to “join up”.

Cindy with our horses, Heidi (Paint horse) & Boogie (Quarter horse).


Our Boogie with Samantha doing some Parelli Natural Horsemanship

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