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Three down, Three to go…

After reading about Kirstin’s salsa adventures thanks in part to our “Alpaca Gold” manure; we’re taking you back to “The Ranch” today.  FYI my daughter’s tomatilla salsa is dynamite! Our family has a male friend who raises alpacas, and he … Continue reading

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Another new, old adventure

Remember when I posted about the alpaca gold and my garden? I worked quite a bit of the ranch’s compost into the soil in my garden when I planted my broccoli, strawberries, and tomatillos. Well, it’s harvest time, let’s take … Continue reading

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These are…eh.

Hi all! Kirstin here. I’ve been busily not succeeding at felting horse Christmas tree ornaments. I’m just not feeling these little guys. It’s supposed to be a palomino with a few vaguely native American-y designs. I tried felting on the … Continue reading

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Cuter than Cute!

Aunt Geri here – seems like a long time since I have blogged! Did you miss us on Friday?  Our apologies, Momma and Kirstin got their wires crossed on that one. Colleen Jepkes, a participating artist at our ACES-Artists Celebrating … Continue reading

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Make Hay while the Sun Shines!

As many of you know Cliff House Alpacas is in Castle Rock, Colorado. Unlike our neighbors to the north and east of us who have had no break in the rain until yesterday; we had a sunny morning on Saturday, … Continue reading

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Baby-What a Difference a Day Makes!

Dad and I woke up to a beautiful misty day at Cliff House. Below us the town of  Castle Rock was shrouded in a soft, silver, billowy mist. The torrential rain has stopped just south of Denver where we are, … Continue reading

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Baby – it’s wet outside!

Good morning everyone. The local weatherman tells us the rain storm we’ve been living with since Monday afternoon won’t be leaving us until next week. The alpacas aren’t happy with that news as you can see. Our hearts and good … Continue reading

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The many faces of ACES-Artists Celebrating the Equine Spirit

We hope you enjoy these photos of our artists, shoppers and volunteers having a great time at our fundraiser last Saturday. ACES wishes to thank Katrina from the Colorado Humane Society who shared her positive energy and lovely smile with … Continue reading

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ACES-Artists Celebrating the Equine Spirit-Highlights!

Our fundraiser for the Colorado Human Society & Cimarron Sky Dog Wild Horse Reserve was a celebration for all. I, Momma, want to share with you some of the special moments we experienced Saturday. Our very special thanks to each … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas in September!

Hi all! Kirstin here! The rest of the fam is out in the barn, power washing everything to prep for the big charity show tomorrow. They’ve been cleaning, cooking chili, baking cookies, knitting, and organizing their hearts out. ACES (artists … Continue reading

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