Baby-What a Difference a Day Makes!

Dad and I woke up to a beautiful misty day at Cliff House. Below us the town of  Castle Rock was shrouded in a soft, silver, billowy mist. The torrential rain has stopped just south of Denver where we are, but the torrent of media coverage is unending.

Castle Rock Trees

The  subjects in the photos we’re sharing with you are not outstanding in themselves. What is truly unreal about them is their presence at all in this part of Colorado this time of year. Long overdue is our crisp, clean, clear air of Autumn.

Water Flowers

Cliff House has only small pools of standing water left after seven days of fairly constant rain. As a Colorado native,  I can say I’ve never experienced this amount of rain without the promise of sunshine.  I hope our images shed a warm and bright light on all of you concerned about the folks here who are suffering through this difficult and uncertain time.

Sand Standing Water

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1 Response to Baby-What a Difference a Day Makes!

  1. Aunt Geri says:

    Thanks for the warm and bright light – things are always better with sunshine! The waters are receding here too and maybe we wont have to get the kayaks out after all. Grab some sun!!

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