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“The Heart of the matter…………”

Aunt Geri here, plying yarn and watching the snow – feeling sorry for the creatures living outdoors dealing with these bitter temps and strong winds.  Selfishly, I’m glad our few morning chores for our foster horses are complete – knowing … Continue reading

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Scythia’s Royal Web

We’ve got yarn! I named it Scythia’s Royal Web, largely due to the “sticky” nature of the fiber – attracting and clinging to every piece of cardboard, grass, and debris within reach.  Plus, it is what I imagine having white … Continue reading

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YEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!! Dunn nunn nunn

It looks like she…*puts on sunglasses*…spins a good yarn. Yeeaaaahhh! Dunn nunn nunn *title credits roll* Sorry, had a David Caruso/CSI Miami moment there. I normally spin by weight. I spin two ounces of a single on one bobbin, then two … Continue reading

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Cabled yarn: complete!

My first cabled yarn is done! It did take a while, as I anticipated, but I like the finished product. You’ll remember from an earlier post that I had already spun a two-ply yarn that I intended to ply again … Continue reading

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Cabled yarn: phase one (also, a note on twist)

When we spin thread or yarn, we add twist to loose fiber to lock it together. This twist pulls the fibers closer, and the microscopic scales on the hairs rub against each other, catching and holding. To create beautiful yarn, you must … Continue reading

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Two-ply: not just for toliet paper

Mom asked me the other day if I ever thought about making a three-ply yarn, instead of my usual two-ply. I said, “Of course. Then I thought about the extra 33.3333333% more fiber we’d have to skirt, pick, wash, card … Continue reading

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How-to: Andean plying bracelet

On Sunday night I spun another 150 yards of “Dark Heart” yarn. Usually I’m pretty good at ending up with two bobbins that have about the same amount of yarn on them, so I don’t have leftovers after I ply. … Continue reading

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