“The Heart of the matter…………”

Aunt Geri here, plying yarn and watching the snow – feeling sorry for the creatures living outdoors dealing with these bitter temps and strong winds.  Selfishly, I’m glad our few morning chores for our foster horses are complete – knowing Momma and Dad are behind on their chores because of the storm, and the holiday craft shows they’ve been participating in. I never take these things for granted though – they work hard caring for the animals and owning/managing 3 businesses and the ranch!

Foster Horses

Plying is pretty mindless, my thoughts wander – I think of how much our small tribe has learned and accomplished in a few short years.  I’m honored by Momma and Dad’s friendship, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with them in the fiber arts.  We all share a passion for the animals and for creating beautiful things.  We also share a strong work ethic, and I wish Uncle Jerry and I were closer to help with some of the daily tasks – which are endless.  Those of you who know them understand they’re constantly working, but they always find time to open their home and their hearts to share time with family and friends.  This caring, sharing and giving is just who they are, and the work will still get done!


This yarn is a dream to work with – a super soft 80/20 alpaca/silk blend from a small alpaca ranch outside of Laramie, WY.  It is a lovely dark taupe/brown color with a great sheen-I ‘m determined to weave a scarf with it (after I learn how!).  I have no idea how much yarn I will need but I have 394 yards of this fingering weight 2-ply…………..  I’ll keep you posted!


p.s. Momma here, I posted this blog out of chronological order. Frankly, I felt unworthy to post it, but I talked to Aunt Geri on the phone yesterday, and she asked me to get it up on the blog today. We consider ourselves to be very blessed to have Aunt Geri and Uncle Jerry in our lives.

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2 Responses to “The Heart of the matter…………”

  1. Jacque Bailley says:

    I share your sentiments on ” those two” only doubled.

  2. What a sweet post, and so true. Momma and Dad are the emotional core of our family, which is large and sometimes scattered. But we all know that home is at the ranch whenever we want it.

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