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Booth layout by committee

I love having a family business, I really do. Especially since the family reads the blog (Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Luv you <3). We absolutely never, ever, have even the smallest disagreement about anything. *Crickets chirping* Ok. So maybe we … Continue reading

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Sheridan Celebrates Recap!

And one more craft show down! We had a great time at Sheridan Celebrates. The weather was warm, the people were friendly and the event was crowded! I enjoyed this parade more than any of the others this year. Sheridan … Continue reading

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Sheridan Celebrates Parade and Craft Fair

Thank you everyone for your well-thought-out responses to my somewhat desperate call for feedback on booth layout. I think we’ll be trying something completely different this Saturday at Sheridan Celebrates! We got invited to this event while we were at … Continue reading

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Larkspur Craft Fest Recap!

We had an absolutely beautiful fall day on Saturday for the Larkspur Autumn Harvest and Craft Fest. The organizers were caring, the weather was wonderful, and there was an interesting representation of artisans. This is our third craft show this … Continue reading

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Larkspur Autumn Harvest and Craft Fest

And we’re off to another craft fair! This Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM we’ll be at Town Park in Larkspur, a small town halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs. The event features children’s games, a costume parade for … Continue reading

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Yarn – Studded Snows

Gah. Making enough yarn for a big project, which is always my goal these days, takes¬†¬†forever. Anyway, I’m currently on a “Studded Snows” spinning streak. Which is both alliterative and productive. I’ve spun 450 yards of it so far. It’s … Continue reading

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Oh Tuscany. Just…why?

While we were busy cleaning the barn and runs, Tuscany was busy getting dirty. I mean, come on! I have to spin that stuff, dude! You can see why it takes about five rinses to get the fiber clean, right?

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Labor day on the ranch

What did the fam do over the labor day holiday at the ranch? Well, I’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count. We worked, of course! Dad was feeling charitable, so he let me do some of … Continue reading

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