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Arena; check –

Last Saturday and Sunday were very busy days spent sprucing up the riding arena for our fundraising event we’re holding at Cliff House Ranch to help feed Colorado’s hungry horses, on September 7th. Cindy Jones, our natural horsemanship instructor will … Continue reading

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Labor day on the ranch

What did the fam do over the labor day holiday at the ranch? Well, I’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count. We worked, of course! Dad was feeling charitable, so he let me do some of … Continue reading

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Break-out report, conclusion

The investigation into the great break-out continues to evolve… After turnout, little Missy approached Mom and came clean. “Well, you see, about the time the sun was coming up, Auntie Brittany chewed the chain loose on the man gate. But … Continue reading

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Snow day!

Two and half feet of snow really make it hard to get some exercise, if you are a horse or an alpaca, unless you have very clever parents. All the animals were going a bit stir crazy (which can get … Continue reading

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