Our alpaca’s fiber, un-modified

Deep Roots: Marcello blended with Tuscany.

Classy Tweed: One single Brittany and one Mikayla, plied to make a medium weight yarn.

Our alpaca’s fiber, blended with hand-dyed fiber

Kiss of the Jade Monkey: Mikayla with a touch of hunter green bamboo silk.

Sizu Storm: Blue merino/silk blend, spun into Mikayla

Christmas Tulips: Tulip's fiber, blended with red merino/silk mix

Frosty Morning: Blue merino/silk mix, spun into Tulip, bulky weight.

Canyon land sand yarn

Canyonland Sands: Red merino spun into Tulip, bulky weight.

Heart of Darkness: Brittany's fiber, with garnet glitz carded in.

Purple Rose: Purple merino/silk/glitz mix,spun into Rosy.

Beaded yarns

Driftwood: Wooden beads on variegated copper silk, plied with two singles of fine-spun Rosy.

Studded Snows: Silver beads on black silk thread, plied with Mikayla

Black and brown with black beads, Tulip and Brittany's fiber

Holiday Extravaganza: Brittany's fiber, plied with gold thread and green, red and gold beads.

Bubble yarns

Purple bamboo silk/merino mix, plied with Rosy

Red Rosy: Rosy's fiber, plied with one strand of hand-dyed merino/silk mix

4 Responses to Yarn

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  2. Mark hefta says:

    Forgot to add tharit you website is Great

  3. Leslie Gregory says:

    Where can I order yarn? I bought a skein of studded snow tires years ago and would love more.

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