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Another One of my Bright Ideas.

Dad here, with the July heat, I’ve noticed the alpacas go through all of the water buckets we fill up for them every day. The alpacas love to drink out of the horse’s stock tank, and because Heidi and Boogie … Continue reading

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A Colorado Country Garden

A rainy day in July seems to bring out the vibrant colors in my garden. Dad here, sharing with you photos of the front yard flowers and the bright jewels they attract. Our late spring delivered several lovely surprises after … Continue reading

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Sprint to the finish

As I’ve explained before, the family is off to Maui next week. Four days after we get back, we have a huge art show. So not only are we trying to do our pay-the-bills work and pack for a vacation, … Continue reading

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“It’s all in the seeds”

Hi – it’s Aunt Geri – just finished spinning a wonderful hand-painted yarn.  As I was spinning, I thought of how spoiled we are with the clean, healthy fiber from Cliff House; and of a funny story that Jan (“Momma”) … Continue reading

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“We’re helping, Mom!”

I  fondly remember Sundays, when I was growing up, as family days. Momma here, we were off to church in the morning, and in the early afternoon we shared a big sit down dinner. My mom’s English pot roast or … Continue reading

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Salmon Patties

Hi – Aunt Geri here.  The Salmon Patties are done – no, not the fish salmon but the other peachy colored goodies that I promised in my recent post “A flock of flamingos“. The “Patty” pattern is pretty popular for … Continue reading

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Alpaca Baby Bouclé

Momma here, I know you haven’t heard much from me lately, but I’m back in the game. Many thanks to Aunt Geri and Kirstin for keeping our blog posts going.  I’m in a boot to stabilize my right foot because … Continue reading

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Sunday Storm-day

After a tense early summer of wildfires and grass-crisping heat, the “monsoons” have rolled in. Kirstin here, and I was down at the ranch over the weekend. Right after Sunday dinner, this storm rolled in from the north. We love … Continue reading

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“Celebrating the Palomino horse”

Aunt Geri here.  Those of us old enough grew up watching the Hollywood cowboy star Roy Rogers and his famous palomino horse Trigger.  Mr. Ed, the talking horse with his own TV show in the 60s, was also a world … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the Holfelders

Hiya friends! Kirstin here. We post about our animals and our projects all the time, but we try to keep our selves out of the discussion. But it’s time to get real. Just kidding, but I do want to give … Continue reading

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