“Celebrating the Palomino horse”

Aunt Geri here.  Those of us old enough grew up watching the Hollywood cowboy star Roy Rogers and his famous palomino horse Trigger.  Mr. Ed, the talking horse with his own TV show in the 60s, was also a world famous palomino. These horses were involved in our every day lives, and consequently we have a special affinity to palominos.  Due to their unusual color, palominos stand out in the show ring or parade.

Palomino_Mare_and_Foal_photo_-_cc_licensing Palomino_Horse

Palomino is a coat color in horses, which consists a gold coat an and ivory mane and tail.  They are not a horse “breed” because palomino color is a result of an incomplete dominant gene and does not breed true.   For registry purposes, most associations require similar standards insisting on dark skin and brown eyes, with a range of coat colors from cream to chocolate and a flaxen mane and tail.  Many actual breeds may qualify for the Palomino color breed registry.

Palomino yarn

This yarn gains it’s palomino color from blending alpaca/merino with cream colored silk.  Our friend Scott provided fiber from “Spencer”, which is blended with 20% merino wool.  I knew immediately that spinning this fiber would require a lot of cleaning – Spencer is super fine and holds onto vegetation, seeds, and “second cuts”.  It all pays off in the end with a soft, lofty yarn.

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