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Christmas with Cliffhouse

Hello all! Production has staggered to a halt as we all take a break from knitting and spinning to celebrate being together. Jared and I are still the kids in the family, though Momma and Dad have a grand-dog, Derby. … Continue reading

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Ranch Dog Olive!

As I, Momma, sit at the kitchen table trying to come up with an idea for our blog post today, the sky has turned to grey and rain is falling on our 40 acres of land. Sunday had been a … Continue reading

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Summertime sunsets

I know the cats have it good, but I don’t think the dogs can complain either. Bobbin, on the far left, is the ranch beagle. Derby, the black dachshund in the middle, is mine. Iggy, the poodle mix on the … Continue reading

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Retroactive post: Merlin vs. Derby the dachshund

A long time ago, in a ranch far, far away…actually, it was only last Christmas. But I’ve meaning to tell you about Derby the dachshund’s first interaction with the alpacas for a while now. Derby-licious, aka Derbles, aka Dahbe, aka … Continue reading

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Emergency preparedness

Last week, I mentioned one of the wildfires burning in our area. There have been three already this season, though none of them were near enough to threaten us. Over Easter dinner, I talked with the family about the Ranch’s … Continue reading

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A few of the alpacas’ least favorite things

The alpacas are slowly coming to terms with the newest and loudest resident of the barn, Whisper the attack cat. As the bravest of the kitties, he is the only one who has jumped out into the paddock to investigate … Continue reading

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It’s getting all medieval up in here

Sometimes a yarn just doesn’t want to be spun. I have mentioned before that I’m less than inspired to spin lately. Well, when a friend came over to knit, it seemed like the perfect time to finish the suri alpaca … Continue reading

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Our best seller

Can anyone guess what our best-selling yarn is? Studded snows! Which is appropriate, since we just had a foot and a half of snow at the ranch. We’re half-finished with the spinning on another order, and we have enough for Mom … Continue reading

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