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Christmas with Cliffhouse

Hello all! Production has staggered to a halt as we all take a break from knitting and spinning to celebrate being together. Jared and I are still the kids in the family, though Momma and Dad have a grand-dog, Derby. … Continue reading

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Difficult lessons in posture: a public service announcement

It’s been awhile since I (Kirstin) posted. I’m down at the ranch for Thanksgiving, and it’s time for an update from one of the family spinners. But first, let’s do a little exercise in observation. What is wrong with these … Continue reading

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“Here’s Looking at You”

Check out these Peruvian feathered friends! Aunt Geri here, with Momma, admiring the hand carved gourd Christmas ornaments we’re packing to take to the Holiday Craft Show this Saturday.  They’re incredibly cute! They are hand made in Peru by local … Continue reading

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Whisper decorates for the barn bazaar

We always knew he was a classy dude, but who knew Whisper would take so much interest in decorating! Well, I suppose anyone with a cat can guess how much fun Whisper had chasing “snakes”. Mom and Dad took advantage … Continue reading

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An ode to Moms

This post is dedicated to the person who always has your back… The one who stands guard over you when you are little, and sometimes when you are bigger too… She may ignore you occasionally (but you probably deserve it)… … Continue reading

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Retroactive post: Merlin vs. Derby the dachshund

A long time ago, in a ranch far, far away…actually, it was only last Christmas. But I’ve meaning to tell you about Derby the dachshund’s first interaction with the alpacas for a while now. Derby-licious, aka Derbles, aka Dahbe, aka … Continue reading

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