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Another new, old adventure

Remember when I posted about the alpaca gold and my garden? I worked quite a bit of the ranch’s compost into the soil in my garden when I planted my broccoli, strawberries, and tomatillos. Well, it’s harvest time, let’s take … Continue reading

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Mary, Mary, quite contrary…

…how does your garden grow? With tons of weeds and an embarrassingly random selection of vegetables. No wait, that’s not how the rhyme goes, at least not for Mary. She has her silver bells and cockle shells (in the garden? … Continue reading

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There and back again, a mulch’s story

Kirstin here, writing from the ranch at the tail end of lovely Easter weekend. The weather is teasing us with nice, sunny days and I’ve been getting out into the garden to prepare for spring. Since I was coming down … Continue reading

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The little tractor that could

Remember that post about the new, bigger manure spreader? Well, one of the fall chores around the ranch is to spread our compost over the fields. It used to be a very tedious, long three or four days. Now, we … Continue reading

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Manure spreader upgrade!

Hi all, I’m home! And the rest of the family has been busy while I was away. They are most proud of their new purchase: an enormous manure spreader. Remember these pictures? The family spent hours loading the itty-bitty spreader, … Continue reading

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Waste management

Ever wonder where all that…er…”poo”…goes? No? Well, clearly you’ve never spent much time in a barn. Moving poo from pile to pile is like 90% of what we do everyday. We compost all the ‘paca and horse droppings, along with … Continue reading

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