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“Make Us Proud…”

Finished is the word for Mark’s hats!  Aunt Geri here with a pic of the last two pieces – we are excited to see how Mark and his family like our little goodies.  I tried a new design,  and I … Continue reading

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The not-so-fun part

The organizers at our next show expressed an interest in handspun yarn. We have plenty of that floating around, but none of it was inventoried. This weekend, in addition to spinning another 220 yards of Holiday Extravaganza, Momma and I … Continue reading

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“Silos & Smokestacks”

Hundreds and hundreds of miles of corn and soybean fields, silos, cattle, and an occasional horse or two. Aunt Geri here, back from our third trip to the Midwest in the last 5 weeks.  The farm fields are being prepared … Continue reading

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“Busy Worker Bees”

Aunt Geri, Kirstin and I are “Busy Worker Bees” right now.  We often have yarn, mostly mill spun, that is of Grade 4 or Grade 5 quality. This yarn is generally light fawn or medium fawn in color, and because … Continue reading

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Ah, the weekend. Picture it: two whole days stretch before you, hours and hours of time. All you have to do is a few loads of laundry, a week’s worth of dishes, a bit of tidying up, and (of course) … Continue reading

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Baby, it’s Beary Cold Outside!

We woke up to snow this morning, but that didn’t stop the bears from wanting to go outside and play.  How do you say “No” to a bear? As promised on Wednesday, here are more pictures of our photo shoot … Continue reading

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Teddy Bears Agree to Photo Shoot

It was cold yesterday, the cats wanted to complain about it, the alpacas wanted to kush and chew and the horses just wanted to be left alone so I, Momma, came inside and played with the bears.  I’m looking for … Continue reading

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Yarn – Holiday Extravaganza

I love things that sparkle. I love soft things. Logically, sparkly, soft things are some of my favorite things. Which is, I suppose, how this yarn got invented. Kirstin here, and I’m back in the swing of hand spinning with … Continue reading

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Autumn at Cliff House Ranch

Today, the sun rose on a crisp and clear fall morning. Heavy lavender hued fog rested in the valleys. I pulled my knit hat down over my ears while the autumn wind tumbled golden leaves across the drive. Momma here, … Continue reading

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“On the Road Again…”

Hi – Aunt Geri here.  As we mentioned last week, Cliff House is making scarves and hats for a friend who has provided fiber from several of his alpacas.  I have completed these hats (and an additional one that didn’t … Continue reading

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