Teddy Bears Agree to Photo Shoot

It was cold yesterday, the cats wanted to complain about it, the alpacas wanted to kush and chew and the horses just wanted to be left alone so I, Momma, came inside and played with the bears.  I’m looking for models for our new line of products from Peru, and when I asked the bears if they wanted to help, they said, “Yes.”


Your Basic Bear: 100% alpaca-hand made in Peru. His price: $45.00 – How much joy will he bring you or someone you love? – Who Knows?


Cinnabear and Greybear model their new reversible chullos. The price of the chullos: $14.00 ea. – Cinnabear and Greybear : Priceless.


Blondbear gets in on the fun modeling his traditional chullo. The price of the chullo: $10.00 – The three bears: Precious.


Blondbear, Cinnabear and Greybear modeling the latest fashion rage on the ski slopes: Snow Boarder Head Bands. Their price: $14.00 – The three bears are thinking Snow!


Quite the boarder, Cinnabear just loaned out his other two head bands for our photo shoot. They’re making snow at Loveland Ski Area, Cinnabear can hardly contain himself.

On Friday the bears and I have some more things to show you.  Please look us up, Blackbear, Silkybear and Brownbear were having a great time, too. Frankly, I haven’t had this much fun playing dress-up in quite a while.

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4 Responses to Teddy Bears Agree to Photo Shoot

  1. I want one! Wait, I have three already. 🙂 I have a smaller version, but we weren’t able to get any of those in stock. I just love that first guy’s face, though. Great idea to have the bears model, Momma! Our human models always make such funny faces.

  2. Jacque says:

    How cute is this. I can imagine how fun it must have been putting this together!

  3. Aunt Geri says:

    What a wonderful and cuddly time you had with these precious ones – a terrific idea! They are cuter than cute and I cant wait to meet the bunch!

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