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Black and White – Always Right

Momma here, wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Our Colorado New Year started out cold and snowy, but thankfully we missed the big snow storm currently covering most of the nation. Dad and I took some excellent photos of our … Continue reading

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There are no stupid questions!

To start off 2014 I, Momma, want to share with you 20 questions and 20 answers about alpacas. These are questions we get asked all the time. I’m going in reverse order from a question or two to the most … Continue reading

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Baby it’s cold outside

Yes, I know, we’ve all been talking about the cold. Dad here, and the cold affects more than just us. Not only does it take longer to do everything from cleaning, feeding and watering the Alpacas, but we also have … Continue reading

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Walking off Thanksgiving Dinner!

Happy Monday everyone. Our Thanksgiving was wonderful, and we hope your holiday was as well. Momma here, with an apology for “going dark” last Friday, but our family spent our “Black Friday” walking away our Thanksgiving calorie intake by caring … Continue reading

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“It’s that most busyful time of the year”…

Hi everyone, Momma, here with a brief note about asking Dad to work during the Broncos-Chiefs game last night. Dad says, “Watching Bronco games are incredibly stressful.  The fact I need to get up from my recliner to babysit the … Continue reading

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Alpaca Blankets are Here!

We, Dad and Momma, visited Michel and his family on Tuesday afternoon, and we discovered he has received his final shipment from Peru for 2013. The new shipment of alpaca goodies arrived just in time for the holidays. Father winter … Continue reading

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“Make Us Proud…”

Finished is the word for Mark’s hats!  Aunt Geri here with a pic of the last two pieces – we are excited to see how Mark and his family like our little goodies.  I tried a new design,  and I … Continue reading

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Make Hay while the Sun Shines!

As many of you know Cliff House Alpacas is in Castle Rock, Colorado. Unlike our neighbors to the north and east of us who have had no break in the rain until yesterday; we had a sunny morning on Saturday, … Continue reading

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Baby – it’s wet outside!

Good morning everyone. The local weatherman tells us the rain storm we’ve been living with since Monday afternoon won’t be leaving us until next week. The alpacas aren’t happy with that news as you can see. Our hearts and good … Continue reading

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The many faces of ACES-Artists Celebrating the Equine Spirit

We hope you enjoy these photos of our artists, shoppers and volunteers having a great time at our fundraiser last Saturday. ACES wishes to thank Katrina from the Colorado Humane Society who shared her positive energy and lovely smile with … Continue reading

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