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Tulip tap dances in the sprinkler

Our weekend was long and hot, but I managed to get some video of the Tulip and the other girls playing with the sprinkler as a result. And by sprinkler, I mean “Dad holding the hose”. They actually had very … Continue reading

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In case you needed proof Tuscany is a ninny

Dad managed to catch Tuscany in the act of playing with the gutter end cap, with a new twist… …because the only thing more fun than a gutter end cap is a bucket of water and a gutter end cap. … Continue reading

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Brittany learns about the horses

It may surprise you that Brittany, after nearly a year living next to the horses, did not really understand that they were living, breathing creatures. Especially since the stock tank at the end of the horse paddock is used by … Continue reading

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A funny story about alpacas in the rain

Heee┬áheee. Yesterday morning I got a voicemail from Dad that went something like, “Last night was…interesting.” I called the family to find out what happened, and I had to chuckle too. The big boys still haven’t quite figured out their … Continue reading

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Got that “Pioneer Woman” feeling

On Friday morning, Mom and Dad woke to a ranch with no water. They thought that perhaps lightning from the recent severe thunderstorms had struck the house and┬áknocked out the pump. I was on the phone with Mom on Thursday … Continue reading

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