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Yarn name ideas, anyone?

Mom and I desperately need your help. Remember this yarn? Mom has made it into a beautiful scarf, but we’re stuck. It’s official name right now is “brown and black yarn with black beads”, which is super lame. Mom has … Continue reading

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Archie the suri alpaca

A friend of ours has a little grey suri alpaca by the name of Archie. Now, this friend of ours, Mark, is one of our best alpaca buddies. We all sheared on the same day, and we each helped out … Continue reading

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Brittany on bunny patrol

My brother was warming up his car yesterday when he heard the alpaca alarm call. It’s a loud, high-pitched chirp that we’ve become as tuned to as the alpacas themselves. He investigated and found the girl alpacas lined up in … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to my American readers! The blog is taking most of the weekend off, in case you can’t tell. I’ll have new ‘paca stories for you on Monday.  

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Yarn sampler, slight site re-design

Awhile ago, Mom and I were struggling to come up with a way to explain to people how they could order custom yarn. There are so many combinations of beads, dyed fibers, and alpaca fiber. We haven’t entirely solved the … Continue reading

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Without no seams nor needlework

So you know that song “Scarborough Fair” by Simon and Garfunkel? The most memorable line is “Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme” because they say it over and over, but there is a whole stanza I want to call your attention … Continue reading

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Fiddlehead fern clutch

I just sold this clutch to a graduate school friend. Before it leaves the nest, I want to share it with you all. I’m rather proud of it. It’s made from Tulip’s neck and leg fiber. Those areas are only … Continue reading

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On feed, and shortages thereof

A month ago, our hay supplier’s storage barn burned down. Around 100 tons of hay were lost in the fiery conflagration, including everything he had set aside for us for the winter. Now we’re scrambling for feed, and not just … Continue reading

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Alpacas don’t like the wind

As I wrote the title of this blog, I couldn’t help but giggle. The list of things alpacas DON’T like is quite long: snow, rain, rodents, shots (well, no one likes getting shots), people, being looked at, tax assessors,┬ánoisy power … Continue reading

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Post 101

This is our 101st post! Thanks everyone for your support of this blog and our family. We couldn’t do this without your encouragement. I truly enjoy writing these posts.┬áIt’s fun to share the chuckles we get out of raising these … Continue reading

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