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It’s All About the Hay

As we near the end of winter, what we’ve been feeding the Alpacas is about to be put to the test. Shearing day is May 15, and the quality of our nutrition will easily be seen. With all of their … Continue reading

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A Walk In The Fog

Daddy and I, Momma, walked out to the newspaper box this morning, and we thought everyone might enjoy seeing what Cliff House Ranch and our babes look like on a foggy, wet, dreamy morning. Colorado doesn’t see these kind of … Continue reading

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Follow this Alpaca: Scythia

We moved from Denver to Wyoming almost 3 years ago.  One day I called Gordon to see how their move to the ranch was going.  “We have alpacas…” he said, as my brain scanned for “alpaca” – was it a … Continue reading

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Vanny meets the other boys

Vanny, our newest male, and the other boys have to get along, because come winter time, we can’t have him out in the pasture by himself. He thinks he likes it out there alone, but even if he does, we don’t like … Continue reading

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Housekeeping (blogkeeping?) and tax assessor

I hate to disrupt your regularly scheduled alpaca antics, but I have a few housekeeping notes. I’m headed down to the ranch tomorrow and I’ll be there through January 2nd. During this time, posts may be somewhat erratic. It’s not … Continue reading

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On feed, and shortages thereof

A month ago, our hay supplier’s storage barn burned down. Around 100 tons of hay were lost in the fiery conflagration, including everything he had set aside for us for the winter. Now we’re scrambling for feed, and not just … Continue reading

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Bravado goes on walkabout

Bravado had a bit of an adventure last week while Mom was cleaning. She had just taken a manure bucket full of snow out of the boys’ paddock, and dumped it in the manure wagon. She decided the wagon was pretty full, so … Continue reading

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Snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes

Winter seems to have come to us a bit early this year! We had our second big snowstorm yesterday, and it kept Mom and Dad hopping. Wow, right? Talk about a winter color palette. Dad took this picture from the … Continue reading

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The best laid plans

After an unseasonably warm early fall, we woke up on Saturday morning to 4 inches of snow and white out conditions. Beautiful…the only problem? Saturday was the Cliff House Ranch open house. Then the power went out. Dad, the eternal optimist … Continue reading

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Alpacas in sprinkler video

If you’ve ever wondered what alpacas look like when they’re playing in a sprinkler? No? Where is your curiosity? Well it’s a fairly tame sort of “playing” but it’s adorable.

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