Alpacas in sprinkler video

If you’ve ever wondered what alpacas look like when they’re playing in a sprinkler? No? Where is your curiosity?

Well it’s a fairly tame sort of “playing” but it’s adorable.

About cliffhousealpacas

Once upon a time, my dad drove by some funny looking animals standing on little dirt hills in a field. Thus, the dream of an alpaca ranch was born. Now, we are embarking on a grand adventure of raising alpacas and becoming fiber artists.
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3 Responses to Alpacas in sprinkler video

  1. They are so gentle when they are playing! they seem to love the water:)

    • It’s funny. The big girls love the water, but you can see Marsy and Tripoli, the crias, standing in the background with a very “What the heck are they doing?” looks on their faces. It must be an acquired taste?

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