Alpacas: the boys


Bravado is a happy camper, he just got to play in the water.

2) Marcello

There are girls over there!!

3) Marcello again.

Shh. I'm watching the girls.

4) Merlin.

I am old, and wise, and not interested in you, or anything other than dinner, really. - Merlin

5) Tuscany checks out Dad’s awesome hat.

What is this thing on your head?

6) What? Don’t judge me Morocco!


Morocco is a smarty pants. But that doesn't stop him from getting hay stuck in his hair.

7) Tripoli – our youngest gentleman, born early summer 2011.

The legs, the yawn, the ears! It's too cute, my brain 'asplode.

1 Response to Alpacas: the boys

  1. hatsbyruth says:

    They are beautiful animals and I love the way you can use their coat to be so creative! Great hats :O)

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