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Black and White – Always Right

Momma here, wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Our Colorado New Year started out cold and snowy, but thankfully we missed the big snow storm currently covering most of the nation. Dad and I took some excellent photos of our … Continue reading

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Is it Spring yet?

April in Colorado is generally unsettled, and this year is no exception. Last week’s predicted 12 inches of snow did not come to fruition, but Sunday morning’s surprise snow storm delivered not only welcomed moisture but also sparkling beauty. Walking … Continue reading

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Spring Storm

Happy Monday everybody, Dad here. If you’ve ever wondered what the Alpacas think of snow and wind, Saturday’s spring storm will give you an idea of what it’s like. Where the girls like to “kush” (a position where the alpaca … Continue reading

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Another snow day at the ranch!

Just in case you weren’t already confused by who is writing blog posts these days, today I, Kirstin, the daughter and main blog person, am posting using Dad’s account (which Mom usually posts under). “Why?” I can hear you asking. … Continue reading

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That beautiful, terrible white stuff

The ranch got it’s first snow last week! The animals coped in different ways. The alpacas, who are cat-like in their dislike for being wet, hung out in the barn, miffed. The horses enjoyed a good roll in the mud. … Continue reading

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April snow showers bring May snow showers

When you live over 1000 miles from the nearest ocean, weather turns on a dime (large bodies of water regulate temperature fluxes, because water changes temperature slower than air). After a ridiculously warm spring, some areas of Colorado experienced 8-10 … Continue reading

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48 hours

Marcello looks at across his domain through long, dark eyelashes that are crusted with ice. The wind has blown all day and night, and the snow that started sometime after midnight is plastered to his right side. Glancing down at … Continue reading

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Winter lessons for summertime fence building

We tried oh-so-hard to build perfect paddocks for the ‘pacas. But the thing is, you build fences under the blistering summer sun. The earth is like pre-fired clay under the auger, and it’s hard to even imagine the crisped-grass landscape with … Continue reading

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I promise, she’s really excited

Alpacas are mild animals. Even at their most playful, it’s hard to tell they are really having fun unless you know them. For example, Tulip, loves to play in sprinklers and in the snow. Her little dance is the height of … Continue reading

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Snow day!

Two and half feet of snow really make it hard to get some exercise, if you are a horse or an alpaca, unless you have very clever parents. All the animals were going a bit stir crazy (which can get … Continue reading

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