Another snow day at the ranch!

Just in case you weren’t already confused by who is writing blog posts these days, today I, Kirstin, the daughter and main blog person, am posting using Dad’s account (which Mom usually posts under). “Why?” I can hear you asking. Well, the bro and I came down to the ranch for Dad’s birthday and got snowed in! We’ve had two snow storms this year, and one of them had to hit yesterday.

?????????? ??????????

Anyway, got to go. We have a long, sloppy commute ahead of us, and the ranch is going to get started digging out. Stay warm and safe, wherever you are today.


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4 Responses to Another snow day at the ranch!

  1. geri says:

    Oh I just KNEW you guys would get snowed in!! At last the sun is shining………………………

  2. starproms says:

    That is real snow. My goodness. Keep warm yourself Kristin.

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