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Manure spreader upgrade!

Hi all, I’m home! And the rest of the family has been busy while I was away. They are most proud of their new purchase: an enormous manure spreader. Remember these pictures? The family spent hours loading the itty-bitty spreader, … Continue reading

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Blog break

Sorry for the late notice everyone, but I won’t be posting to blog until Friday, 4/27 (at the earliest).¬† In fact, I’m not even posting today. This is a message from the past me, who had not left for a … Continue reading

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It was a team effort

For the most part, the kitties are content to limit their murderous tendencies to the mice that live in and around the barn. But Whisper has recently set his sights on larger prey. Derby’s eaten his share of these guys, … Continue reading

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Fluffy white yarn

Pillow soft and a creamy white, this yarn is my favorite of product of my almost painfully productive weekend. I’m calling it “Clouds Over Tuscany, Due” (“due” means two in Italian). I spun it up as a medium-bulky weight yarn, … Continue reading

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Waste management

Ever wonder where all that…er…”poo”…goes? No? Well, clearly you’ve never spent much time in a barn. Moving poo from pile to pile is like 90% of what we do everyday. We compost all the ‘paca and horse droppings, along with … Continue reading

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Now THAT was a spinning marathon

Over the weekend we were busy folks. Mom, Dad and the Bro had some manure adventures, which I’ll detail tomorrow, and I spun a whopping total of 621 yards of yarn. How many CSI episodes? Only 24. Twitch. I haven’t … Continue reading

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Retroactive post: Merlin vs. Derby the dachshund

A long time ago, in a ranch far, far away…actually, it was only last Christmas. But I’ve meaning to tell you about Derby the dachshund’s first interaction with the alpacas for a while now. Derby-licious, aka Derbles, aka Dahbe, aka … Continue reading

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YEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!! Dunn nunn nunn

It looks like she…*puts on sunglasses*…spins a good yarn. Yeeaaaahhh! Dunn nunn¬†nunn *title credits roll* Sorry, had a David Caruso/CSI Miami moment there. I normally spin by weight. I spin two ounces of a single on one bobbin, then two … Continue reading

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Yarn – Black Lace

I finished my first batch of yarn using mill-processed roving! I’m calling it, for simplicity’s sake, “Black Lace”. I haven’t “unboxed” my postage scale yet (in the words of the instructions that came with my spinning wheel), so I don’t … Continue reading

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Emergency preparedness

Last week, I mentioned one of the wildfires burning in our area. There have been three already this season, though none of them were near enough to threaten us. Over Easter dinner, I talked with the family about the Ranch’s … Continue reading

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