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The Schacht bulky flyer

Hello everyone, Kirstin here. Our post today is somewhere between a review for fellow spinners and a public service announcement, because sometimes you just need someone to tell you the obvious. Or I do, anyway. When I bought my new … Continue reading

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Daisy chain throw

The first thing I ever made with yarn, 8 years ago, was a blanket for Mom. The colors border on garish (cream, plum, and forest green) and one side is six inches wider than the other, but I loved the pattern. So, … Continue reading

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YEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!! Dunn nunn nunn

It looks like she…*puts on sunglasses*…spins a good yarn. Yeeaaaahhh! Dunn nunn nunn *title credits roll* Sorry, had a David Caruso/CSI Miami moment there. I normally spin by weight. I spin two ounces of a single on one bobbin, then two … Continue reading

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A few beginning knitting tips

I’ve talked before about the importance of crafting with friends, and I can’t say it enough: group knitting (or spinning) is the best way to get inspired to work on a project and have fun while you work. So when … Continue reading

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