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“Here’s Looking at You”

Check out these Peruvian feathered friends! Aunt Geri here, with Momma, admiring the hand carved gourd Christmas ornaments we’re packing to take to the Holiday Craft Show this Saturday.  They’re incredibly cute! They are hand made in Peru by local … Continue reading

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Whisper can’t wait for spring

Well, Kitties will be Kitties. Mom calls Squeaky, Zipporah and Whisper her “Sweetie Kitties”, but it looks like Whisper’s up to something the birdies aren’t going to think is so sweet. Our close friends Donna, Laura and Roger remembered Mom and Dad’s … Continue reading

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A pair of my favorite birds have nested in the bird house at the end of the driveway! Can you see them? Look closely… They are mountain bluebirds! Here’s a better picture, from Wikimedia. I love these little cuties. They … Continue reading

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Hummingbird convention

We seem to have a lot of bird life, eh? Well, we also have a serious number of broad-tailed hummingbirds. Mom often jokes that we need to get an air traffic controller out there. Sometimes the beagle gets into snapping … Continue reading

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Flying lessons for the baby kingbirds

Mom and Dad were met with quite a cacophony when they entered the barn on Monday morning. It seems the time has come for the baby kingbirds to learn to fly. We knew it was coming, their nest was starting … Continue reading

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Babies, babies, everywhere, but not one for Mikayla

No baby for Mikayla yet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t babies in the barn! We didn’t really want birds IN the barn, because, well, Boogie gets pooped on. But barn swallows are bug eaters! And bugs are awful. So we unplugged … Continue reading

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