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Cue the tiny violin

It took me all weekend to spin one skein of yarn. There’s no way to say this without it sounding stupid: I knew my fingers were important, I just didn’t realize how important. They are all doing a different and … Continue reading

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New product alert: woven yarn baskets

I may be down and out, crafting-wise, but the rest of the team is still working overtime. Aunt Geri has been making another new product! I got the first prototype of for my birthday: I’m not sure what she’s calling them, … Continue reading

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That dreaded word: shots

Duhn duhn duhn! Guess who needed a checkup? Well, everyone needed a checkup; it’s Farm Check! time. But Vanny really needed to get his teeth and nails trimmed. Cici also got the full spa treatment. Bravado and Merlin got their … Continue reading

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Summertime sunsets

I know the cats have it good, but I don’t think the dogs can complain either. Bobbin, on the far left, is the ranch beagle. Derby, the black dachshund in the middle, is mine. Iggy, the poodle mix on the … Continue reading

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Vanny joins the herd, permanently

Yesterday, as usual, Dad and Mom let the boys into the “exercise paddock”, and then let Vannny out to join them. Bravado and Vanny had a spitting match or two, also par for the course, then everyone settled down to … Continue reading

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Hay, lots of it

It was a BUSY weekend down at the ranch. The family picked up, drove home, and then unloaded 200 bales of hay. That’s 5 tons of hay that had to be moved by hand from the truck into storage in … Continue reading

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Race to the finish: Artists for Wild Mustangs Show

With only 2 weeks until the Artists for Wild Mustangs Show, production has gone into high gear at the Ranch. Literally all the horizontal surfaces, and some of the vertical ones, are covered by a scarf or hat, and Mom … Continue reading

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Drop spindle types

I have a not-so-secret love of drop spindles. I sometimes ply on one even after spinning the singles on my wheel. It takes longer, but I’m practically guaranteed to get a balanced yarn since I check the twist every three feet or … Continue reading

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Yarn – Swirly tweed

If there is a yarn that captures that “classic alpaca yarn” look, this is it. It’s made by plying together one single that is two different colors (it’s called marling, see here for an explanation) and one single that is … Continue reading

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Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

I slammed a finger in one of my heavy 1920s windows 15 minutes ago. After walking around in circles for a few minutes repeating the title of this post and trying not to throw up, I got out an ice … Continue reading

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