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Alpaca factoid: teeth

Alpacas have three pairs of incisors at the very front of their mouths, on the bottom, and a chewing pad on the top, which they use to snip grasses. In the back of their mouths, they have molars and pre-molars … Continue reading

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A pair of my favorite birds have nested in the bird house at the end of the driveway! Can you see them? Look closely… They are mountain bluebirds! Here’s a better picture, from Wikimedia. I love these little cuties. They … Continue reading

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Can you see camo cat?

And now I, like the rest of the internet, shall provide you with pictures of cats. Someone must keep our fluffiness addiction satisfied. Mom and Dad’s bee-friendly landscaping has provided the cats with yet more places to do their favorite … Continue reading

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Aunt Geri has been busy!

Today I get to show off some of Aunt Geri’s yarn. She has refined her cabled and multi-ply yarn techniques into a fine art. Her two newest yarns used alpaca fiber from Loredo, a friend’s alpaca (the one with sort … Continue reading

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Vanny meets the other boys

Vanny, our newest male, and the other boys have to get along, because come winter time, we can’t have him out in the pasture by himself. He thinks he likes it out there alone, but even if he does, we don’t like … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to the blog

Time is doing that flying thing. Hard as it is to believe, we started blogging a full year ago. During that time the herd has grown from 5 alpacas to 12. Tripoli and Marseille were born, the girls broke out … Continue reading

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It’s a cat in a box

Yesterday was a word-heavy post, so here is a picture of a cat in box. The hotter it gets, the less of the cat is in the box. But he still stays in the box.

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Spinning wheel review: Schact Sidekick

After talking to many starry-eyed spinners at the Estes Park Wool Festival, we bought the new Schact spinning wheel model, the Sidekick. Everyone we spoke to loved this wheel, and though I only spun on it for 20 minutes, I … Continue reading

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