Happy birthday to the blog

Time is doing that flying thing. Hard as it is to believe, we started blogging a full year ago. During that time the herd has grown from 5 alpacas to 12. Tripoli and Marseille were born, the girls broke out of the paddock, and I’ve spun several miles worth of yarn. Looking back at everything we’ve done/gone through, it feels more like 10 years than 1.

There’s no way I’m almost a year old.

I’m statistically minded, so reviewing what has been popular has been fun. Our top five posts, the ones receiving the most traffic over the year, are all reviews and how-to’s:

  1. Drum carder review: Happy Hybrid
  2. Spinning wheel review: Kromski Prelude
  3. Without no seams nor needlework (it was about felting)
  4. Rake looms: knitting for beginners/the lazy (I’ve always felt bad about that title – I’m not trying to call anyone lazy!)
  5. How-to: hand card alpaca fiber (no pictures! Jeez)

While those posts have the most views over time, posts about the animals seem to be the most beloved. They earn more comments and have more hits the day they are posted. The babies being born, water sports, and the breakouts were all highlights for on-the-day hits.

Our top five commenters are: Patty, Jacque, Laura, starproms, and Barbara. Our most popular category is fiber art. And we’ve written 247 posts. That blows my mind a little.

We want to thank everyone for following our adventures, apologize for lackluster posts (I sometimes feel like I achieve quantity without much quality), and promise that we’ll continue to share what we learn about these ridiculous animals and their fiber.

That was too many words again. Here’s a picture of Dad talking to the girls:

What is that thing? Why does everyone like it so much?

About cliffhousealpacas

Once upon a time, my dad drove by some funny looking animals standing on little dirt hills in a field. Thus, the dream of an alpaca ranch was born. Now, we are embarking on a grand adventure of raising alpacas and becoming fiber artists.
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6 Responses to Happy birthday to the blog

  1. Jacque Bailley says:

    Oh my, my first time as a “star” anything – I’m excited! You really have done a wonderful job and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your blogs!

  2. starproms says:

    Don’t apologise! Your blog is lovely. Your statistics are very interesting too. Good luck in your second year…. smile.

  3. geri says:

    WOW – you have done such a super job with the blog and it blows my mind too of the number of posts:) I believe we all look forward to seeing and “hearing” about all the latest happenings! Thanks a million for all your posts and artful creations.

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