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Make Hay while the Sun Shines!

As many of you know Cliff House Alpacas is in Castle Rock, Colorado. Unlike our neighbors to the north and east of us who have had no break in the rain until yesterday; we had a sunny morning on Saturday, … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Hay

As we near the end of winter, what we’ve been feeding the Alpacas is about to be put to the test. Shearing day is May 15, and the quality of our nutrition will easily be seen. With all of their … Continue reading

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Hay, lots of it

It was a BUSY weekend down at the ranch. The family picked up, drove home, and then unloaded 200 bales of hay. That’s 5 tons of hay that had to be moved by hand from the truck into storage in … Continue reading

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Food fight!

As a general rule, the alpacas are mild-mannered, sweet-tempered animals. The only exception is feeding time. Can you guess which alpaca is the pushiest? Yup! It’s Brittany! And though getting caught in the crossfire between the girls is “all part … Continue reading

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On feed, and shortages thereof

A month ago, our hay supplier’s storage barn burned down. Around 100 tons of hay were lost in the fiery conflagration, including everything he had set aside for us for the winter. Now we’re scrambling for feed, and not just … Continue reading

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