Make Hay while the Sun Shines!

As many of you know Cliff House Alpacas is in Castle Rock, Colorado. Unlike our neighbors to the north and east of us who have had no break in the rain until yesterday; we had a sunny morning on Saturday, and in that four hours of sunshine we put up three tons of hay for the winter. Our son Jared helped close friend Donna put up one ton, and after he finished with that he helped his dad put up two tons.

Truck and Hay Unloading

In our barn stacking hay is quite the event for everyone involved,  and this includes our cats. I had trouble getting a good photo of Whisper, but Squeaky was being very photogenic. I don’t seem to have a good picture of Jared. Honestly, he prefers it that way.

Squeaky Squeaky

With thirty-some bales of alfalfa in the lower barn and two tons of Timothy grass and certified Brome in the upper barn we estimate we’ll need approximately another ton of Brome and another ton of Timothy to get us through the winter. Spring’s first cutting of hay is never the best grass.

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1 Response to Make Hay while the Sun Shines!

  1. Aunt Geri says:

    Tons of FUN! A new hiding place for the little mousies that the kitties can chase. Sounds like an awful job – my back hurts just thinking about it!

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