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Vanny joins the herd, permanently

Yesterday, as usual, Dad and Mom let the boys into the “exercise paddock”, and then let Vannny out to join them. Bravado and Vanny had a spitting match or two, also par for the course, then everyone settled down to … Continue reading

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Heidi the attack horse

Sometimes wordpress loses all the text while posting…and I have to rewrite a post, and that makes me very angry…post is forthcoming, again. Mom was tidying up the horse paddock after bringing Heidi and Boogie in from turnout when Whisper … Continue reading

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Daddy’s boys are eating out of his hands, literally

Dad has had a project recently, trying to teach the alpacas to eat their crumbles (a pellet treat) from his hands. Alpacas as a general rule don’t really approve of interactions with people, so it’s actually quite a difficult endeavor. … Continue reading

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Herd dynamics

One afternoon last weekend, I went out to the alpaca turnout to shoo the girls into their paddock and let out the big boys, and I couldn’t find them. They weren’t at the feed troughs, or grazing on the stubbly, … Continue reading

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