A Walk In The Fog

Daddy and I, Momma, walked out to the newspaper box this morning, and we thought everyone might enjoy seeing what Cliff House Ranch and our babes look like on a foggy, wet, dreamy morning. Colorado doesn’t see these kind of days very often, and our family is certain we share most ranchers delight at the promise of green pastures and an April with no wildfires.

Fog2 Fog1

What do the alpacas have to say about this kind of weather? Hard to know, but the dampness doesn’t seem to bother them since their fleece is almost ready for shearing.

?????????? AlpacaFog4

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1 Response to A Walk In The Fog

  1. aunt geri says:

    I love the fog on the ranch – and the pacas are not minding much! Oh so precious

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