“It’s that most busyful time of the year”…

Hi everyone, Momma, here with a brief note about asking Dad to work during the Broncos-Chiefs game last night. Dad says, “Watching Bronco games are incredibly stressful.  The fact I need to get up from my recliner to babysit the printer during the games, provides me with a great diversion from penalties, fumbles and unsportsmanlike conduct.” I’ve banned Dad from the family room unless he can watch the games calmly.  What an idea, I thought, I’ll ask him to print more alpaca greeting cards.

Greeting cards read to be folded

Greeting cards read to be folded

Our cards were popular at the Ye Olde Yuletide Bazaar, and tomorrow we’ll be at Holly Creek Senior Community for another holiday show. I’m sure our cards will again be a good seller. By the way, speaking of holiday craft shows, Cliff House won’t not be doing a Holiday Barn Bazaar this year.  We couldn’t find the time to organize it after our charity event of September 9th.

Printing Cards Cards and Cards

Please visit our retail store for your Christmas shopping needs. We’re only a ten minute drive from the Outlet stores in Castle Rock. I’m at the ranch all day, and our entire family will be here for the Thanksgiving holiday break.  We have a lot of beautiful alpaca items, with many things under $20.00. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting photos of our store later this week.

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1 Response to “It’s that most busyful time of the year”…

  1. Aunt Geri says:

    I agree about the stress and frustration of the Broncos games – the cutest alpaca cards are a wonderful distraction!

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