The many faces of ACES-Artists Celebrating the Equine Spirit

We hope you enjoy these photos of our artists, shoppers and volunteers having a great time at our fundraiser last Saturday. ACES wishes to thank Katrina from the Colorado Humane Society who shared her positive energy and lovely smile with us the entire day. Our best wishes to Jackie at Cimarron Sky Dog Wild Horse Reserve in Watrous, New Mexico.  We hope we’ve made a difference!

Master Of Horse

ACES- Master of Horse-Cindy Jones. Thank you, Cindy for your time, talent and your hours behind the scenes.

Children Meet the Minis

ACES-Alison & Brenda Gegg with their mini horses Daphne and Apollo. Thanks, Brenda and Alison for the gift of your time, and your sponsorship of a Cimarron Sky Dog Reserve Wild Horse.

Brad behind the grill. Ladies looking at the menu

ACES-Brad Cillian behind the grill serving up bratwurst and more while he explains our menu items . Thanks, Brad for sharing your smile and your grilling expertise.

People paying for goodies

ACES-Artist, Sherry Harder, checks out after buying her niece a knit alpaca hat. Thanks to all of our volunteers and artists who spent nine hours with us. In the spirit of giving they spent their hard earned cash  helping others to make a difference.

Corrine takes a break from selling

ACES- Artist Corrine Fierkens takes a break from selling her beautiful recovered horses and their ribbons in the Cliff House Tack Room Store. Thanks, Corrine for just being the loving and giving person you are.

Corrine, Marcellus and Katrina from the Humane Society

ACES-Corrine, Marcellus and the Colorado Humane Society’s Katrina watch Heidi show her stuff. Thanks to each one of you for taking your day to help hungry horses.

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