“On the Road Again…”

Hi – Aunt Geri here.  As we mentioned last week, Cliff House is making scarves and hats for a friend who has provided fiber from several of his alpacas.  I have completed these hats (and an additional one that didn’t make it for the photo shoot!).  The brown one and the fawn one are men’s hats we lovingly refer to as “yurt” hats because they remind us of the Mongolian leather huts.  The third hat is a woman’s “techno” hat knit with Mark’s white alpaca’s fiber Sunspot, and lavender baby alpaca yarn to add some color.


We have been in Illinois and I got a little knitting in here and there – mostly in 10 minute intervals when we would go to the library for free wifi.  Uncle Jerry and I are heading out for Illinois again tomorrow morning so I will find a couple of hat projects to take with me to keep me busy. Four down and four to go!

Wyoming to Moline

Momma here – Uncle Jerry’s father passed away last Friday, and his funeral is the reason Geri and Jerry are on the road again so soon. Our hearts and our saddened spirits go with them on the difficult journey.


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1 Response to “On the Road Again…”

  1. Aunt Geri says:

    Thank you sincerely – yours spirits were most definitely with us on this sad sojourn.

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