It makes us Happy!

This year’s ACES charity event is history, but we wanted to share pictures of a happy young man wearing a Cliff House Alpacas hat & scarf set Aunt Geri knit. Corrine Fierkens, one of our participating artists, gave her son Pherwyn one of our alpaca sets she knew would be perfect for her junior equestrian.  She promised us photos, and when pictures arrived this week-end we could not have been happier or more proud.

photo photo 3

As I, Momma, use my hands and my heart to create items from our alpacas I often think, “Who will enjoy this after I’m finished?”  “Will this scarf be worn by a woman or a man?” “If I make the hat smaller will a young person enjoy it?” “If the hat and scarf are given as a gift will the recipient appreciate it as much as the gift giver did?” My big worry, of course, is “Will it fit?” These photos left no room for doubt, and we thank you Pherwyn and Corrine for sharing them with us. Aunt Geri, surely, had Ph’yn in her mind and in her heart when she designed and knit this hat & scarf set which truly is perfect for him.

photo 5 photo 2

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1 Response to It makes us Happy!

  1. Aunt Geri says:

    It is truly perfect for Pherwyn and it makes me happy and proud to see him enjoying the fruits of our labors of love!

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