“Notre Dame de Paris”

French for Our Lady of Paris and also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral.  Hi – it’s Aunt Geri with my latest shawl.  These colors are so electric – reminds me of the gorgeous stained glass in this cathedral.  I haven’t seen it in person, but maybe someone will buy this and wear it to Paris one day.

GothicRayonnantRose003 Shawl

 The cathedral is among the largest and most well-known church buildings in the world.  It is a Roman Catholic cathedral built in French Gothic style and was essentially completed in 1345.  Construction began in 1163 during the reign of Louis VII but the building suffered numerous attacks during the French revolution and subsequent wars.  In 1786, all of the tombs and stained glass windows were destroyed.  Restoration continued for over 25 years until the Second World War caused more damage when bullets struck the stained glass windows.  These were remade sporting a modern geometrical pattern instead of the old bible scenes.  I am told that the colors are magnificent.

Gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral Charte

 Should anyone be interested in wearing this shawl to tour the cathedral, it is constructed of baby alpaca which will also endure the test of time.  The ribbon accents accentuate the brilliant purple and blue “hyacinth” colors.

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