Another One of my Bright Ideas.

Dad here, with the July heat, I’ve noticed the alpacas go through all of the water buckets we fill up for them every day. The alpacas love to drink out of the horse’s stock tank, and because Heidi and Boogie are possessive of their water tank; I thought why not give the alpacas a stock tank of their own.

Inspecting Adding

There’s a split in the fence that separates the boy’s paddock from the girl’s paddock.  It just happens to be the perfect size for a 100 gallon stock tank. After I leveled the ground, I slid the tank into place so that the boys got half of the tank and the girls got the other half.

What is it It must be for us

Of course the entire installation process required supervision by all five of the girls.  After the job was completed, approval was required by the above listed job supervisors. “A job well done, Dad.”

Water? Good Job

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2 Responses to Another One of my Bright Ideas.

  1. Jacque says:

    Well done and waaaaaay sweet!

  2. Aunt Geri says:

    That is a fantastic idea and looks like the participant approve completely!

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